Cultivating Quality on Twitter


Good post over on Dosh Dosh about cultivating valuable relationships on Twitter instead of following massive numbers of people automatically. The point is essentially the same as many other forms of engagement that we talk about: the quality of the relationships that you create and maintain is as important, if not even more so, than the quantity of them. It comes down to this:

Remember, you don’t just want a large follower count. You want a responsive group of followers. People who are genuinely interested in you and people who will click on your links, retweet you or respond to your queries. Ultimately this group of Twitter followers can help you popularize your website or grow your business.

Engaging with people who are at the center of networks and have the power to influence others is also a key strategy to increase the quality of a Twitter following.

So who should you network with? Not just end-users with your keyword in their bio. But bloggers, webmasters, publishers, journalists and business owners. People who work in your field and own web sites that can send you links and traffic. You can focus on networking with the superstars in your field but don’t ever forget about less famous people.

So in essence, you should use Twitter as a relationship building tool to extract benefits from a core group of influencers who are relevant to your business/website. Network actively with the right Twitter users, talk to them, spread their links, give them feedback, support their content. Be a participant in their Twitter experience.

Food for thought as we grow all of our CAP Twitter accounts and think about high-quality engagement online in general.

Read the whole thing here.


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