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Meta ads?


Halloween 2 is debuting a web ad campaign that plays with the familiarity of annoying web ads… Clever.   An ad that makes fun of web ads, but still sells their product.  This dumbed-down WordPress interface won’t let me embed flash, but check out this, this, this, or this… What can we learn from this?  It […]

L.A. Times rebooted this week.  Interesting redesign: Less clutter, with a more retro, monochromatic look.  Reminds me of the front page of the L.A. Times when I was a kid.  Very Atlantic, CAP-style nav…  tidy little sections with top features and headlines.   Not sure if I like the expanding/contracting boxes below the fold on the […]

This is a great article on user interface design: We should really think about this, in forms and interactives especially.

Email Wars has a cool post about effective thank you pages for after a user signs up for an email product. The key, as you can see in this example, is to not just acknowledge that a user has signed up, but to provide additional contact options and other ways to engage with a company’s […]

Use of social networks by people 35-54 is up from 21.3% a year ago to 43.1% Q2 2009. Among 55+. usage is up from 6.4% to 18.9%. This is according to a new report from