Tips for Using Google Buzz for Advocacy


Here is an article from Chris Connelly, a former student of mine, who is doing great social media work at Vanguard Communications.

Google Buzz: Communication Strategies and Applications

In my last post on Google Buzz, I promised to provide some applications for organizations seeking to take advantage of this new social network. As the service expands, people will undoubtedly find ways to use Buzz that we can hardly imagine right now. But as promised, here are four easy steps you can take right now to start using Google Buzz to advance your communications objectives:

1. Create a Google Account for your organization. Google Accounts have always given you access to a huge range of beneficial communications tools, such as Docs, Gmail, YouTube, and more. But Buzz gives you something new – it allows your account to broadcast your issues and priorities to a public audience. Think Twitter, but without the 140 character limit and with the ability to add photos, videos, audio, links and more. Create a Google Account for your organization, link your social media feeds and Google Reader to it, and begin sharing your message with the Google community. As with any social network, it may take awhile to build up your followers – but if you include links to your account on your other platforms and update with good content, they will come.

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