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Here is an article from Chris Connelly, a former student of mine, who is doing great social media work at Vanguard Communications. Google Buzz: Communication Strategies and Applications In my last post on Google Buzz, I promised to provide some applications for organizations seeking to take advantage of this new social network. As the service […]

Interesting short piece on social media from AcidLabs, a social media blog I found recently (can’t remember where or who sent it to me). “What we found out should make the social media mar­keters give pause. Far from absorb­ing social media mar­ket­ing mes­sages, peo­ple are con­nect­ing with each other, build­ing trust net­works, and are quite […]

Use of social networks by people 35-54 is up from 21.3% a year ago to 43.1% Q2 2009. Among 55+. usage is up from 6.4% to 18.9%. This is according to a new report from

Not an Upgrade — an Upheaval by Clay Shirky Lead Essay July 13th, 2009 The hard truth about the future of journalism is that nobody knows for sure what will happen; the current system is so brittle, and the alternatives are so speculative, that there’s no hope for a simple and orderly transition from State […]

You may have seen this article when it was first posted a year ago, but given our current discussions about engagement and the progressive movement, I thought it would be good to add this to our resources. Bowers argues that in the new progressive movement, it is “the lower cost of information, and resulting explosion […]

According to a new report from Nielsen NetView, social network use is up big in the US. Below are the growth numbers: The big growth is in Facebook and Twitter. Full article here:

Twitter is already the best place to find out what is happening in the word. And soon, will include results drawn from the webpages Tweets link to, in addition to the content of the Tweets. This will make Twitter even more useful as a news and trend monitoring tool. More on this here.