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Meta ads?


Halloween 2 is debuting a web ad campaign that plays with the familiarity of annoying web ads… Clever.   An ad that makes fun of web ads, but still sells their product.  This dumbed-down WordPress interface won’t let me embed flash, but check out this, this, this, or this… What can we learn from this?  It […]

Google today released Google Fusion Tables in Labs. Fusion Tables allows users to upload more data than they can in Google Spreadsheets. With Google Fusion it is possible to upload tabular data sets of up to 100 MB per data set. One visualisation tool for Fusion Tables is a Google Maps view of any geo-location […]

The Wired Campus blog picks up on a research group at Georgia Tech looking at the intersection between journalism and video games. The aptly named Journalism and Games project offers a smattering of examples in their blog. The primary lesson here seems to be straightforward to those familiar with infographics: the rules of different mediums […]