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Here is an article from Chris Connelly, a former student of mine, who is doing great social media work at Vanguard Communications. Google Buzz: Communication Strategies and Applications In my last post on Google Buzz, I promised to provide some applications for organizations seeking to take advantage of this new social network. As the service […]

Drop some code into the page next to an event video and let people use their facebook status to comment live. Harvest contacts. I can’t see us using it regularly, but would we want to use it for a big event, if Legal permits? (Big if) It raises the obvious idea of using Twitter for […]

Google today released Google Fusion Tables in Labs. Fusion Tables allows users to upload more data than they can in Google Spreadsheets. With Google Fusion it is possible to upload tabular data sets of up to 100 MB per data set. One visualisation tool for Fusion Tables is a Google Maps view of any geo-location […] Stock.xchang is a free stock photo service with a blog and tutorial feature. It doesn’t have the selection of istock, but does hold good high resolution quality images that seem to be unique to stock.xchang. As far as I can tell all the images are free but like Flickr, the copyright of each picture […]

There are so many tools for mapping, monitoring and feeding Twitter that it takes a blog to list them.

A new stockphoto service has just launched, but this one is allowing you to license 10 photos a day for free with proper attribution. It’s called PhotoXpress. I did a quick search for health care-related photos, and interestingly, it seems to have at least some overlap with iStockphoto. I can spot a couple here that […]

Twitter is already the best place to find out what is happening in the word. And soon, will include results drawn from the webpages Tweets link to, in addition to the content of the Tweets. This will make Twitter even more useful as a news and trend monitoring tool. More on this here.