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Drop some code into the page next to an event video and let people use their facebook status to comment live. Harvest contacts. I can’t see us using it regularly, but would we want to use it for a big event, if Legal permits? (Big if) It raises the obvious idea of using Twitter for […]

There are so many tools for mapping, monitoring and feeding Twitter that it takes a blog to list them.

Interesting article on the importance of a social media strategy for engaging audiences that are increasingly using social media: More marketers are counting on social networks. Benny Evangelista, SF Chronicle. May 3, 2009 “When a prank video of a Domino’s Pizza employee adding unsanitary ingredients to sandwiches became an instant hit on YouTube, the chain […]

YouTube just rolled out a new feature on Insight today that allows you to download the data behind their mediocre graphs as a .csv file. Huge! More on the YouTube blog.

YouTube today launched a new application, CaptionTube, that isn’t quite closed captioning, but does make videos more accessible for the hearing impaired than just providing a transcript, which is what we currently do for our videos. Probably not the best solution for us, but something to think about. It may be particularly relevant for advocacy […]

Check out this video story from the featuring clips from the March Internet Advocacy Roundtable on Video Strategy for Advocacy and a video interview with me and Sean Gibbons.