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This post argues no, but makes thoughtful points about calibrating email strategy to take into account — or integrate into — the social media updates that compete for attention. Advertisements

Free Mobile App Provides Locations, Ratings of Public Restrooms by Jack Neff Published: March 24, 2009 BATAVIA, Ohio ( — After nearly a decade of providing free, clean public restrooms everywhere from state fairs to Times Square, Procter & Gamble Co.’s Charmin wants consumers to find their own — via a free mobile social-networking utility, […]

Here is an article that was referred to me on online activism and fundraising: Using Online Tools for Activism Tuesday, December 16, at 12 noon, U.S. Eastern time The explosion in the number of online communication tools has created a seemingly infinite number of opportunities for advocacy groups to spread their message. At the same […]

Sure, you don’t want a major presence on every social network, but it also never hurts to grab your preferred user name just in case. The website will let you check all at once to see if your user name is available on more sites that you ever knew you might want to be […]

The site eMarketer put out some interesting stats that chart how media consumption has changed among Internet users from 2006 – 2008. Unsurprisingly, it seems that e-newsletters, blogs, and social networking are all on the rise. Use of podcasts, RSS, and mobile media is all still below 10 percent of Internet users. You can find […]

Colin Delaney on ePolitics released a six-part series on lessons learned from the Obama campaign. Here are four that I thought were particularly useful and insightful: 1. Online communications should be completely integrated into the overall communications structure. The Obama organization integrated online communications into its overall structure and processes. Rather than finding himself buried […]