Archive for May, 2009 Stock.xchang is a free stock photo service with a blog and tutorial feature. It doesn’t have the selection of istock, but does hold good high resolution quality images that seem to be unique to stock.xchang. As far as I can tell all the images are free but like Flickr, the copyright of each picture […]

Semantic technology Open Calais gains a foothold among publishers, according to CNET. Of course Enough has been using it for a couple of months on Drupal, and WebTech is trying out a module on WordPress.

There are so many tools for mapping, monitoring and feeding Twitter that it takes a blog to list them.

Redesigning TPM


Talk about a smart grid

A new stockphoto service has just launched, but this one is allowing you to license 10 photos a day for free with proper attribution. It’s called PhotoXpress. I did a quick search for health care-related photos, and interestingly, it seems to have at least some overlap with iStockphoto. I can spot a couple here that […]

I found a great article on tools for monitoring social media. There are 13 of these tools listed. Some I am familiar with, others I need to explore. But as we get deeper into engaging the social web, these tools will be very useful. The full article is here and the 13 tools are below: […]

Twitter is already the best place to find out what is happening in the word. And soon, will include results drawn from the webpages Tweets link to, in addition to the content of the Tweets. This will make Twitter even more useful as a news and trend monitoring tool. More on this here.