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Good post over on Dosh Dosh about cultivating valuable relationships on Twitter instead of following massive numbers of people automatically. The point is essentially the same as many other forms of engagement that we talk about: the quality of the relationships that you create and maintain is as important, if not even more so, than […]

YouTube just rolled out a new feature on Insight today that allows you to download the data behind their mediocre graphs as a .csv file. Huge! More on the YouTube blog.

YouTube today launched a new application, CaptionTube, that isn’t quite closed captioning, but does make videos more accessible for the hearing impaired than just providing a transcript, which is what we currently do for our videos. Probably not the best solution for us, but something to think about. It may be particularly relevant for advocacy […]

Just as we are using Twitter to engage our audiences on the clean energy smart grid in the Get Wired for Progress campaign, the front page of today’s New York Times runs a story on how Twitter was used to change policy at In reaction to Amazon reclassifying LGBT books as “adult” an eruption […]

People constantly email us to say that pdfs won’t download from our website, and it’s usually an issue with their browser, not our pdf. While browsing the New York Times recently, I noticed that they have a documents section where they let you scroll through pages of very long documents, never having to download anything, […]

Finally a circavie replacement—Timetoast. It’s free and seems to have a clean and nice interface.

A nice selection, including a hosted ap and one with stats