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Meta ads?


Halloween 2 is debuting a web ad campaign that plays with the familiarity of annoying web ads… Clever.   An ad that makes fun of web ads, but still sells their product.  This dumbed-down WordPress interface won’t let me embed flash, but check out this, this, this, or this… What can we learn from this?  It […]

L.A. Times rebooted this week.  Interesting redesign: Less clutter, with a more retro, monochromatic look.  Reminds me of the front page of the L.A. Times when I was a kid.  Very Atlantic, CAP-style nav…  tidy little sections with top features and headlines.   Not sure if I like the expanding/contracting boxes below the fold on the […]

Email Wars has a cool post about effective thank you pages for after a user signs up for an email product. The key, as you can see in this example, is to not just acknowledge that a user has signed up, but to provide additional contact options and other ways to engage with a company’s […] Stock.xchang is a free stock photo service with a blog and tutorial feature. It doesn’t have the selection of istock, but does hold good high resolution quality images that seem to be unique to stock.xchang. As far as I can tell all the images are free but like Flickr, the copyright of each picture […]

A new stockphoto service has just launched, but this one is allowing you to license 10 photos a day for free with proper attribution. It’s called PhotoXpress. I did a quick search for health care-related photos, and interestingly, it seems to have at least some overlap with iStockphoto. I can spot a couple here that […]

The Wired Campus blog picks up on a research group at Georgia Tech looking at the intersection between journalism and video games. The aptly named Journalism and Games project offers a smattering of examples in their blog. The primary lesson here seems to be straightforward to those familiar with infographics: the rules of different mediums […]

Campaign Monitor has some interesting research out this week about the email client popularity as of February 2009… A few interesting things… First, Outlook is still king. We can’t ignore that. Four out of ten people still use Outlook. Second, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail are big targets as well… each is close to 20% of […]